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Body Glimmers

When discussing body image, I am often talking about negative body image with clients. How to get from negative, to neutral, to positive if possible. While it is essential in improving body image to recognize the negative thoughts and actions that contribute to a poor body image, it's also helpful to insert gratitude and compassion in the process.

Enter *body glimmers*. This is a term I have heard recently coming up on social media. The way I have seen it defined is the opposite of a body trigger. What is a body trigger? I can be anything in your day to day life that causes body distress. This could be something as simple as looking in the mirror and not liking what you see, a piece of clothing that doesn't fit right, feeling bloated, or being uncomfortable. Body triggers tend to cause that negative spiral of thoughts surrounding your body and ultimately yourself.

When thinking of what the opposite of a trigger might be, some words that come to mind include appreciation, respect, gratitude, peace. What are some others you would use? Body glimmers can show up in a number of ways, and when dealing with body distress especially, it is important to be intentional about looking out for these glimmers. It could be being grateful that your body is alive and breathing today. Maybe you can appreciate the fact that you can taste, smell, and enjoy food. After a workout, feeling that endorphin high and being so proud of what your body can do. Thank you, body, for keeping me alive. Thank you, body, for giving me signals to know how to take care of myself. Thank you, body, for knowing what I need in this moment. Thank you, body, for housing me.

What are some ways you can be intentional about appreciating, respecting, or being grateful for your body today?

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