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Find Food Freedom

Our primary goal is to help you break free from diet culture. To give you a life beyond dieting and be able to feel confident in your own skin. To find food freedom without any shame or guilt weighing you down.


Weight Inclusive Nutrition Care For All

Food should not be something that is feared or moralized. All foods fit, in any amount, at any time. Bodies should be respected and appreciated just as they were designed, not judged and criticized for worldly imperfections. Weight is not an indicator of health, and in fact, weight cycling and weight stigma cause damage. Self-care and self-compassion are essential to good health. Mental health is a crucial part of overall health and well-being.

Meet the Team

At Nourished Nutrition Therapy, we believe that all bodies are good bodies and that everyone deserves compassionate and inclusive care. If you’re looking for nutrition support, we are here to help, offering unparalleled experience and insight. Our team of registered dietitians takes a holistic, multidisciplinary approach to care, ensuring that every client receives personalized and compassionate support.

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