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About Me

Born, raised, and located in Houston, Lauren Chaffin, owner of Nourished Nutrition Therapy, is a Master's level registered and licensed dietitian who works in weight inclusive nutrition therapy and eating disorders. A second-generation Aggie (whoop!), she received her Bachelor of Science in dietetics from Texas A&M University, then went on to complete a distance dietetic internship from the University of Delaware. Her Master of Science was completed through Logan University.

After receiving a diverse and well-rounded experience in clinical, outpatient, PHP, and residential settings, she decided it was time to venture out and start her own practice to focus on her passion- to help others have a positive relationship to food and their body in order to live the life they were meant to without the baggage of our culture. She is committed to forming relationships with clients looking to heal their relationship with food and body, those with eating disorders and disordered eating, those looking to manage their diagnosis with nutrition science, and much more. Nourished Nutrition Therapy is here to provide accessible outpatient nutrition care. 

Her greatest hope is for people to be able to use nutrition knowledge as a self-care tool in order to improve their life and well-being. 

Get in touch to learn more and start your journey.


What We Provide For You


Make Peace with Food and Body


"Loving your body isn't thinking your body looks good. It is knowing your body is good regardless of how it looks."

Lindsay and Lexi Kite, PhDs, from their book More Than A Body

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